Exclusive: New “Hydra” Layout From Focus Kites

Here is a sneak peak of the awesome new “Hydra” layout from Focus Kites.


“The Hydra utilizes more mylar this year, tightening the sail and moving the centre of gravity down. This gives the kite improved balance and results in better overall freestyle performance. Oh, and we believe it looks cool, too. The Hydra will use the new Skyshark P2x tubes for their very nice balance between durability, weight, and flex characteristics. Because the kite as a whole is balanced more efficiently, we were able to remove some of the added weight. Finally, the bridle has been beefed up to be able to withstand a Ron G. session”

Paul and Hunter will have examples of all their kites at Kite Party 7 – Huntingdon Beach, LA this weekend.

If you’re planning to attend, do look them up, they’re very friendly chaps and the kites are really top drawer. They’ll also have their “Skate” and “Manta” SLK designs on hand.