R-Sky “Nirvana FX” Notes

Heres some bridle tweaks worth trying on your Nirvana FX.

Got this 3 point from Randy and I think it came from Roger.

54 cm upper outhaul
45 cm lower outhaul
57cm inhaul

From (Fiction) Rob who got it from Pete

49.5 cm upper outhauls or slightly shorter or longer
41 cm lower outhaul
5 cm turbo
54.5 cm inhaul
16 cm keeper line thats slightly active

From Britt

UO = 50.5
LO = 45
I = 53
T= 6

Mine from Britt’s

UO = 48.5
LO = 43
I = 53
T= 6

I’ve also reframed mine to P200 LE’s, 5PT LS, and an extra 6g at the tail. When the winds are up, I’ll also add 6g below the center T. US is cut to 44cm.