Focus Kite Designs “Hydra” Preview

hydra_green_2.jpgAnother new design from Focus Kite Designs, the “Hydra”, a little smaller than the Jinx at 2.15m and targeted more at the freestyle/trick crowd . It is framed similarly with SkyShark P series leading edges; Avia lower spreaders and pulltruded spine / upper spreader. Unlike the Jinx there is only the one model offered which Paul rates this kite more as a Light/STD. However framing can be tailored to the needs of the customer, you want it more UL you got it. The sail construction is similar to the Jinx, a polyester and mylar mix and the bridle is a three point. The Hydra will be priced the same as the Jinx, with standard and custom colors available for a small premium.